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     The creation of JSC "Defence systems"

       The creation of IFIG "Defence systems". IFIG members.

       JSC "Defence systems" as the basic company of the research-and-production
       holding type association. Daughter enterprises and dependent companies.

       Constitutors of the company. Leaders of the company.

The creation of JSC "Defence systems".

   JSC 'Defence systems' (here and after Company) was created on January, 23 1996 by the initiative of head design bureaus, research institutes and serial enterprises-developers and manufacturers of object air defence.
   At that time the Constitutors of the Company were such enterprises as 'Engineering design bureau 'Fakel', 'Central design bureau 'Almaz', 'Moscow Instrument Automatic Research Institute', Nijnii Novgorod Radio Engineering plant, Lianozovo electromechanical plant and some other enterprises.
   The basic aims of the Society creation were integration of cooperative enterprises, carrying out the functions of head executor of the contracts on modernization, production and supply of such a complicated system as ADMS S-300PM (PMU1), other air defence components and systems. Another aim of the Company creation was to create financial-industrial group on the basis of the enterprises - share-holders of the Society, and to give the Society the functions of central company, which was established on Mach, 21 1997 - the date of state registration of Russian FIG 'Defence systems'.

The creation of IFIG "Defence systems". IFIG members.

   Another step of Company structural development was creation on the basis of Russian FIG of the international FIG (IFIG) 'Defence systems'. It was performed on the basis of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated January, 21 2000 #10-rp, decree of Government of Russian Federation dated January, 26 2000 #70 and Agreement between Governments of Russia and Belarus dated February, 11 2000.
   The above mentioned intergovernmental agreement stipulates that the enterprises and companies - members of the IFIG, entrust the Company on the agreement basis the authorities on the coordination of economic activities. The Company is the head enterprise and it has the authorities of the IFIG central company.

    In accordance with the signed documents, the basic purpose of creation of the interstate financial and industrial group is the use of scientific and technical, industrial and investment potential of its participants for performance of works on creation and production of hi-tech and competitive in the world market air defence means and systems, the double and civil purpose production.
   The basic investment and production commercial project, which is being performed by the Russian-Belarus cooperation, united in IFIG 'Defence systems', is the 'Pechora - 2M' project.
   The following IFIG structure development supposes the increase of members, among them from the other countries of the CIS, development of IFIG programs, both for the CIS united air defence system, and for the manufacture of double and civil purpose production, practical mastering and development of scientific and technical, production, trade and financial interstate cooperation in the structure of the IFIG.
   Perspective area of cooperation within the IFIG 'Defence systems' is the realization of programs of creation on the CIS and Agreement of collective safety territory of regional centers of service maintenance, repair and modernization of air defence means. The top priority project of this program is the creation of such a center on the basis of 2566 radio electronic equipment repair plant (one of the IFIG members) in Belarus Republic. The project of the decision on this issue is under concordance.
   The talks, performed with the authorized organizations of Ukraine an Kazakhstan showed its interest in the creation of similar regional centers on the territories of this states.

JSC "Defence systems" as the basic company of the research-and-production holding type association. Daughter enterprises and dependent companies.

   During its development as a corporative structure the JSC ' Defense systems ' carried out investments in purchase of shares of some key enterprises of cooperation. As a result, today the research-and-production association of holding type consists of: JSC "Research-and-production enterprise "Moscow radio engineering plant", JSC "Design Bureau Kuntsevo', JSC 'DS. INFOCOM ', JSC 'Оptronic technologies. DS'.
   The integration of the management of the basic company and the dependent companies in holding has allowed to create an integrated research-and-production complex which in interaction with other enterprises of the cooperation is capable to solve practically the whole spectrum of problems from development, manufacture and modernization, to maintenance service, repair and utilization of military production, double and special purpose production.
   Today the main production program of the Company which has been initiated in 2001, is the program of works on ADMS S-125 'Pechora' modernization up to the level of 'Pechora - 2M' and the supply of these systems for export. In May 2003 the final testing was over and the first experimental modernized complex was accepted. The serial supplies of the above mentioned ADMS in one of the Middle East countries were initiated in June 2003.
   Created on up-to-date element base and perspective technological decisions the 'Pechora - 2M' ADMS has perspectives of promotion to other countries.

The constitutors of the company. Leaders of the company.

   According to the law currently in force about the joint stock companies and the Charter of the JSC 'Defence systems' the Company is directed by the General meeting of the share-holders, the Board of Directors with the Chairman of the Board - the President of the society at the head, Administration and the General director - the Chairman of the Administration.

   The shareholders of the Company are 17 Russian enterprises, among them 6 defence research institutes and design bureaus, 8 industrial companies, 3 financial-credit and consulting organizations. The control shares (more then 85 %) are held by the JSC 'UIC 'Oboronprom', whose main share-holders are Federal agency on federal propriety (51%) and FSUE 'Oboronexport'(31.13%).

   The address of JSC 'Defence systems' and the central company of the IFIG 'Defence systems' is:

29, Vereiskaya str.,
121357, Moscow, Russia
Phone: (495) 440-09-12
Fax: (495) 440-06-87
E-mail: defensys@defensys.ru
http: www.defensys.ru
38, Nemiga str.,
220003, Minsk, Belarus
Phone: (37517) 210-46-42
Fax (37517) 210-46-42
E-mail: defensysminsk@mail.ru



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